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Tiffany Pham is a notable entrepreneur known for her role as the founder of Mogul, an online platform that focuses on fostering connections and empowering women through various resources, including digital content creation. While specific patent information related to Tiffany Pham's involvement in online platforms and digital content creation is not available, her innovative contributions have left a significant impact on the digital landscape.

Mogul, the platform she founded, serves as a dynamic hub where individuals can access educational content, networking opportunities, and mentorship programs. The platform's emphasis on women's empowerment and professional development aligns with the broader trend of creating inclusive digital spaces that encourage collaboration and learning.

As for patent classifications, Tiffany Pham's involvement in online platforms and digital content creation may pertain to various categories:

- US Patent Classification Codes: Depending on the specific innovations associated with Mogul, potential USPC codes might include those related to computer networks, online communities, content delivery systems, and digital communication methods.

- International Patent Classifications: The innovations in online platforms and digital content creation could fall under international patent classifications such as G06F (Computing; Calculating; Counting), G06Q (Data Processing Systems or Methods, Specially Adapted for Administrative, Commercial, Financial, Managerial, Supervisory or Forecasting Purposes), and G06K (Recognition of Data; Presentation of Data; Record Carriers).

Tiffany Pham's work as the founder of Mogul underscores the importance of digital platforms in connecting people, sharing knowledge, and fostering professional growth. Her commitment to empowering women through technology-driven initiatives has had a lasting influence on the online community and the landscape of digital content creation.