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Welcome to WikiPatents!


Welcome to WikiPatents, the go-to Wiki for insights into the dynamic realm of patent applications. We specialize in delving into the latest trends in patent filings, offering insights into the evolving technology and intellectual property sectors. Explore the depth of patent applications across various industries, and understand the strategic innovations of leading-edge companies. Our platform highlights the newest directions in technological protection sought by corporations. Experience a clear understanding of patent abstracts, tailored for inventors, tech aficionados, or legal professionals. WikiPatents guides you through the intricate patent application landscape, revealing potential applications and problem-solving aspects of patents.

Weekly Reports

Weekly Reports 2024 - Weekly patent application reports in 2024.

Weekly Reports - Weekly reports on patent applications. Covering top technology areas, organizations, and inventors.

Trending Patent Areas

Trending Patents History - A list of trending patents.

All Patent Areas

Patents by Organization - Uncover a wealth of data encompassing patents, patent licensing, and patent transactions, while exploring our dynamic digital repository focused on patent applications and trends within the realm of intellectual property.

Patents by Technology - Patent insights categorized by specific technologies.

Patents by Inventor - Patent insights categorized by inventors.

Organizations that have been involved in Patent Lawsuits - A list of organizations that have been involved, publicly, in patent lawsuits.

University Patents - Patent insights categorized by universities.

Rejected Patents - A catalog of rejected patents.

Patent Brokers - Patent brokers.

Questions about patents - A collection of questions about patents and explanations.

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