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Samsungs's Patent Application Summaries

See the following page to get a summary of Samsungs weekly patent applications: Weekly updates on Samsung's Patent Applications.

About the Patent Strategy of Samsung

Samsung, a global technology conglomerate, has established itself as a powerhouse in the world of innovation through its extensive patent portfolio and strategic approach to intellectual property. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology across a wide range of industries, Samsung's patent strategy plays a pivotal role in shaping its competitive advantage and maintaining its position as a leader in innovation.

Understanding Samsung's Patent Strategy

Samsung's patent strategy encompasses various facets, including patent acquisition, patent licensing, patent enforcement, and participation in standard-setting organizations. The company's approach revolves around safeguarding its intellectual property, fostering innovation, and maximizing its return on investment in research and development.

Patent Acquisition

Samsung actively engages in patent acquisition to enhance its technological capabilities and strengthen its patent portfolio. This strategy involves both organic research and development efforts as well as strategic acquisitions of patents from other companies. By acquiring patents that align with its existing and future technology roadmaps, Samsung ensures that it remains at the forefront of innovation in diverse domains.

Patent Licensing

Licensing is another integral aspect of Samsung's patent strategy. The company licenses its patented technologies to third parties, generating revenue streams while also promoting the widespread adoption of its innovations. Through licensing agreements, Samsung establishes collaborations with other industry players, fostering an environment of cross-licensing and technology exchange.

Patent Enforcement

Samsung is vigilant in protecting its intellectual property rights. The company takes legal actions against entities it believes are infringing on its patents. This approach safeguards its technological advancements and deters potential infringers from using its patented technologies without proper authorization.

Standard-Setting Organizations

Participation in standard-setting organizations (SSOs) is a strategic move for Samsung. By contributing to the development of industry standards, the company ensures that its patented technologies are adopted as essential components of widely accepted norms. This strategy enhances Samsung's influence and market presence while also promoting interoperability and compatibility among various products and services.

Highlighting Samsung's Most Cited Patents

Several patents from Samsung's portfolio have gained significant recognition and citation within the industry. These patents underscore the company's dedication to innovation and its impactful contributions to technology. Some of Samsung's most cited patents include:

1. Multi-level cell memory devices having selective bit compensation and methods of operating same

  - Patent Number: US 7,231,430 B2
  - Description: This patent pertains to memory devices, particularly multi-level cell (MLC) memory devices, and methods for operating them. The technology addresses challenges related to data storage and retrieval in MLC memory, contributing to improved performance and reliability.

2. Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same

  - Patent Number: US 7,371,379 B2
  - Description: Focused on display technology, this patent revolves around organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display devices and their manufacturing methods. OLED displays are known for their vibrant colors and energy efficiency, and this patent contributes to advancements in this field.

Samsung's Most Influential Patents

Samsung's influence on the technology landscape is evident through its patented innovations that have shaped entire industries. Here are two of Samsung's most influential patents:

1. Patent Title: Method for Transmitting Data in a Mobile Telecommunication System

  - Patent Number: EP 1 135 981 B1
  - Description: This patent addresses the efficient transmission of data in mobile telecommunication systems. It plays a crucial role in the development of high-speed mobile data communication, which is essential for modern smartphones and devices.

2. Patent Title: Semiconductor Memory Device Having a Plurality of Redundant Memory Cells

  - Patent Number: US 5,446,747 A
  - Description: Focusing on semiconductor memory devices, this patent introduces a technique to enhance memory yield and reliability. It contributes to the stability and performance of memory products widely used in various electronic devices.

Samsung's Most Prolific Inventors

Behind Samsung's extensive patent portfolio are its prolific inventors who have contributed significantly to the company's technological advancements. Some of Samsung's most prolific inventors include:

1. Dr. Seong-Wook Kim

  - With numerous patents to his name, Dr. Seong-Wook Kim has been instrumental in driving Samsung's innovations in the field of semiconductor technology. His contributions to memory devices have been particularly noteworthy.

2. Dr. Ki-Ho Baik

  - Dr. Ki-Ho Baik's work has greatly impacted display technologies, including LCD and OLED displays. His inventive concepts have played a vital role in enhancing the visual quality and energy efficiency of modern electronic displays.

Samsung's patent strategy serves as a cornerstone of its innovation efforts. The company's commitment to acquiring, licensing, and protecting its intellectual property underscores its dedication to pushing technological boundaries. Through its most cited patents, influential innovations, and prolific inventors, Samsung has left an indelible mark on various industries, shaping the way we interact with and benefit from technology. As Samsung continues to evolve, its patent strategy will remain a driving force behind its future innovations and contributions to the world of technology and beyond.