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Welcome to WikiPatents!


Welcome to WikiPatents

Have you ever tried to understand a patent and found yourself lost?

WikiPatents makes the complicated world of patents simple and interesting.

We make hard-to-understand patents easy to get. Plus, we keep an eye on what big companies are up to every week. But that's not all. WikiPatents is your guide to the exciting world of new inventions and legal moves in technology.

Here, you'll find:

  • Simple explanations of patent abstracts, so anyone can understand.
  • Weekly updates on what companies are innovating.
  • Tips on how to use patents to solve problems or create something new.
  • Problems solved, potential commercial applications, and possible prior art for patent applications.
  • A friendly place for inventors, tech lovers, and legal folks to learn about patents.

Weekly Reports

Weekly Reports 2024 - Weekly patent application reports in 2024.

Weekly Reports - Weekly reports on patent applications. Covering top technology areas, organizations, and inventors.

All Patent Areas

Patents by Organization - Uncover a wealth of data encompassing patents, patent licensing, and patent transactions, while exploring our dynamic digital repository focused on patent applications and trends within the realm of intellectual property.

Patents by Technology - Patent insights categorized by specific technologies.

Patents by Inventor - Patent insights categorized by inventors.

Organizations that have been involved in Patent Lawsuits - A list of organizations that have been involved, publicly, in patent lawsuits.

Patent strategy - Articles about patent strategy, such as patent troll defense.

University Patents - Patent insights categorized by universities.

Rejected Patents - A catalog of rejected patents.

Patent Brokers - Patent brokers.

Questions about patents - A collection of questions about patents and explanations.

Intellectual Property Resources

For Innovators

Someone is suing me for infringement of their technology. What do I do now?

Someone is infringing my patent. What do I do now?

How to find a patent lawyer for my specific area of technology

Prototyping and Development Resources

Government Patent Offices Around the World

How to Monitor Patent Applications Effectively

Why Monitor Patent Applications?

What is The Cooperative Patent Classification?

How do I sell my patent?

For Intellectual Property Professionals / Lawyers / Patent Agents

Navigating Patent Law in the Digital Age: Challenges and Solutions for IP Professionals

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Intellectual Property: What Lawyers Need to Know

Best Practices for Protecting Trade Secrets in a Global Economy

Leveraging Blockchain Technology for Secure and Transparent IP Management

Strategies for Effective Patent Portfolio Management: Maximizing Value and Minimizing Risk

Latest Patent Updates: Stay Informed with WikiPatents

Keep up with the latest in patent changes and updates. Stay ahead of the curve and informed with our updates on the latest patent applications for bleeding-edge technologies.

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