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Generic Questions about Patents

What are intellectual property rights - What are legal rights granted to creators and owners of works that are the result of human intellectual creativity?

Patent vs trademark - What are the main differences between a patent and a trademark, and how do I know which one I need to protect my product or brand?

What are Open Source Patents - Exploring the Intersection of Open Source and Patents: Navigating the Complex Landscape.

What are some Patent Search Tips - Searching for patents is more difficult than it seems. We've put together some patent search tips.

How long do drug patents last - Understanding the lifespan of drug patents is critical for both pharmaceutical companies and the general public.

Patent Application Format - What is the patent application format?

What is a provisional patent application - What a provisional patent application is and what jurisdictions allow it.

Understanding patent drawings - Patent drawings are an integral part of a patent application. They provide a visual representation of the invention, helping to clarify its use, design, and functionality.

Types of Patents

How to make a utility patent application - This guide outlines the essential steps and considerations for preparing and submitting a utility patent application.

How to Make a Design Patent Application - Design patents are crucial for protecting the aesthetic aspect of inventions

Information about the Patent Application Process

The patent application process differs country by country. You can get information on the patent application process by country here:

Patent application process for the USA

Patent application process for a PCT patent application

Patent application process for the United Kingdom

Patent application process for China

Patent application process for Japan

Patent application process for Germany

Patent application process for Canada

Patent application process for South Korea

Patent application process for Taiwan

Patent application process for Singapore

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