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G06F: Electronic Digital Data Processing

G06F refers to an International Patent Classification (IPC) code that encompasses a broad range of inventions related to electronic digital data processing. This category is crucial for understanding the intellectual property landscape in the realm of computer technology and software.


G06F covers various aspects of computer systems and digital processing technologies. This classification is pivotal in the patenting of innovations in computer hardware and software, including the architecture of data processing systems, methods for processing data, and specific applications of these systems.

Key Areas in G06F

The G06F category can be broken down into several subcategories, each focusing on different aspects of electronic digital data processing:

  • Data Processing Systems or Methods: This includes the architecture of computer systems, methods of processing data with computers, and software implementation techniques.
  • Special Purpose Computers or Data Processing Systems: Innovations specific to certain types of applications or tasks, like graphics processing, AI, or network management.
  • Details of Computer Systems: This encompasses the hardware components of computers, such as processors, memory, and input/output devices.
  • Software Engineering: This area covers the methods and tools used for developing, deploying, and maintaining software, including programming languages and operating systems.

Significance in Technology and Innovation

G06F is a critical classification for understanding and protecting technological advancements in the digital age. It provides a framework for categorizing inventions that drive modern computing and software development, reflecting the rapidly evolving nature of technology.

Examples of G06F Innovations

Notable inventions under G06F include advancements in operating systems, development of new programming languages, creation of specialized computing hardware, and software solutions for various industries.