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Akitoshi Toyota of Kanagawa (JP)

IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS AND FIXING UNIT - A simplified explanation of the abstract

This abstract first appeared for US patent application 18487580 titled 'IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS AND FIXING UNIT

Simplified Explanation

The abstract describes an image forming apparatus that includes an image forming portion, a fixing portion, a shutter, an urging portion, and an abutment portion.

  • The image forming portion is responsible for creating a toner image on a sheet.
  • The fixing portion heats and pressurizes the sheet with the toner image to fix the toner image onto the sheet.
  • The shutter is movable and can be positioned at an open position or a closed position.
  • The urging portion is designed to push the shutter towards the open position.
  • The abutment portion is where the shutter rests when it is in the open position.

Potential applications of this technology:

  • This image forming apparatus can be used in various printing devices such as printers, copiers, and multifunction devices.
  • It can be utilized in both personal and professional settings for printing documents, images, and other visual materials.

Problems solved by this technology:

  • The shutter helps to control the flow of sheets through the apparatus, ensuring that they pass through the fixing portion properly.
  • By having a movable shutter, the apparatus can accommodate different sizes and types of sheets, allowing for versatile printing options.

Benefits of this technology:

  • The image forming apparatus provides a reliable and efficient way to form and fix toner images onto sheets.
  • The movable shutter enhances the functionality and flexibility of the apparatus, making it adaptable to different printing needs.
  • The apparatus ensures accurate and consistent printing results, improving the overall quality of printed materials.

Original Abstract Submitted

An image forming apparatus includes an image forming portion configured to form a toner image on a sheet, a fixing portion configured to heat and pressurize the sheet bearing the toner image to fix the toner image to the sheet, a shutter provided to be movable to an open position at which the shutter opens an opening that the sheet being conveyed toward the fixing portion is able to pass through, and a closed position at which the shutter closes the opening, an urging portion configured to urge the shutter toward the open position, and an abutment portion that the shutter urged toward the open position by the urging portion abuts to be positioned at the open position.