18525729. TELESCOPING DRIVE TABLE simplified abstract (Imperative Care, Inc.)

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Organization Name

Imperative Care, Inc.


Matthew Hutter of Los Angeles CA (US)

Robert Hitchcock of Los Gatos CA (US)

Kyle Bartholomew of Campbell CA (US)

Sami Ur-Rehman Shad of Fremont CA (US)

Craig Mar of Fremont CA (US)

Lilip Lau of Los Altos CA (US)

TELESCOPING DRIVE TABLE - A simplified explanation of the abstract

This abstract first appeared for US patent application 18525729 titled 'TELESCOPING DRIVE TABLE

Simplified Explanation:

The patent application describes a robotic drive system with a drive table that has an extendable member. This member can be partially received within the main body of the drive table and extended from one end. Hub adapters are attached to the drive table and can connect to corresponding hubs, allowing axial movement of the hub adapters to drive the hubs.

  • The robotic drive system includes a drive table with an extendable member.
  • Hub adapters are coupled with the drive table and can connect to corresponding hubs.
  • Axial movement of the hub adapters drives the corresponding hubs.

Key Features and Innovation:

  • Drive table with extendable member for flexibility.
  • Hub adapters for connecting to hubs.
  • Axial movement of hub adapters to drive hubs efficiently.

Potential Applications:

The technology can be used in robotic systems, automation processes, and machinery where precise and controlled movement is required.

Problems Solved:

The system addresses the need for a reliable and efficient method of driving hubs in robotic applications.


  • Precise and controlled movement.
  • Enhanced efficiency in robotic systems.
  • Flexibility in design and operation.

Commercial Applications:

Title: "Robotic Drive System for Precision Automation" This technology can be applied in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and automotive for automated processes, assembly lines, and material handling systems.

Prior Art:

Readers can explore prior patents related to robotic drive systems, extendable members, and hub adapters to understand the evolution of this technology.

Frequently Updated Research:

Stay updated on advancements in robotic drive systems, automation technologies, and precision engineering for potential improvements and new applications.

Questions about Robotic Drive System:

1. How does the extendable member of the drive table enhance the functionality of the robotic drive system? 2. What are the potential industrial applications of this technology in the automation sector?

Original Abstract Submitted

A robotic drive system includes a drive table having a main body and an extendable member configured to be at least partially received within the main body and being extendable from an end of the main body. One or more hub adapters are coupled with the drive table and are configured to couple to a corresponding hub so that axial movement of the one or more hub adapters drives the corresponding hub.