18525232. ROBOTIC DEVICE CONTROLLER simplified abstract (Imperative Care, Inc.)

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Organization Name

Imperative Care, Inc.


Lilip Lau of Los Altos CA (US)

Kyle Bartholomew of Campbell CA (US)

Sami Ur-Rehman Shad of Fremont CA (US)

Hilary Ann Koster of Easley SC (US)

Dave Bim-merle of Mountain View CA (US)

Courtney Helland of San Francisco CA (US)

Kevin Jeanneret of Mountain View CA (US)

David Gonzalez of Campbell CA (US)

Sarah Plewe of Foster City CA (US)

ROBOTIC DEVICE CONTROLLER - A simplified explanation of the abstract

This abstract first appeared for US patent application 18525232 titled 'ROBOTIC DEVICE CONTROLLER

Simplified Explanation: The patent application describes a robotic device control system that allows a controller to communicate with multiple hubs, each connected to an interventional device. The controller includes a joystick and hub actuators, where activating the hub actuators links the joystick to a specific hub, causing the hub to move in response to joystick movements.

  • The system includes a controller, multiple hubs, and interventional devices.
  • The controller features a joystick and hub actuators.
  • Activating hub actuators links the joystick to a specific hub.
  • Joystick movements result in corresponding movements of the linked hub.

Key Features and Innovation:

  • Integration of a joystick and hub actuators for precise control.
  • Individual linking of joystick to hubs for targeted movements.
  • Responsive movement of hubs based on joystick input.

Potential Applications:

  • Medical procedures requiring precise robotic control.
  • Industrial automation tasks that demand accurate positioning.
  • Research applications in robotics and automation fields.

Problems Solved:

  • Lack of precise control in robotic device systems.
  • Difficulty in coordinating movements of multiple interventional devices.
  • Limited flexibility in controlling robotic systems.


  • Enhanced precision in controlling interventional devices.
  • Improved efficiency in completing tasks with robotic assistance.
  • Increased flexibility in adapting to different applications.

Commercial Applications:

  • "Robotic Device Control System for Medical Procedures and Industrial Automation"
  • Potential uses in hospitals, manufacturing plants, and research facilities.
  • Market implications include increased productivity and reduced error rates.

Prior Art:

  • Readers can explore prior patents related to robotic control systems and joystick integration in robotic devices.

Frequently Updated Research:

  • Stay updated on advancements in robotic control systems and joystick technology for potential improvements in the field.

Questions about Robotic Device Control System: 1. What are the specific advantages of using a joystick in controlling robotic devices? 2. How does the individual linking of joysticks to hubs improve control precision?

Original Abstract Submitted

A robotic device control system includes a controller in communication with a plurality of hubs, each of the plurality of hubs coupled to one of a plurality of interventional devices. The controller includes a joystick and a plurality of hub actuators. Actuation of each of the plurality of hub actuators causes the joystick to be linked with one of the plurality of hubs such that movement of the joystick causes a corresponding responsive movement of the one of the plurality of hubs.