US Patent Application 18139725. DISPLAY DEVICE simplified abstract

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Organization Name

Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Seung Chan Lee of Yongin-si (KR)

Jaechung Kim of Yongin-si (KR)

Beom Soo Park of Yongin-si (KR)

Seong Jun Lee of Yongin-si (KR)

DISPLAY DEVICE - A simplified explanation of the abstract

This abstract first appeared for US patent application 18139725 titled 'DISPLAY DEVICE

Simplified Explanation

The patent application describes a display device with a substrate that has a display area and a component area.

  • The display area and component area both have multiple layers including semiconductor layers and gate conductive layers.
  • An insulating layer with openings is present, surrounding the semiconductor layers and gate conductive layers.
  • Data conductive layers are placed on top of the insulating layer.
  • The first and second signal lines, located in the data conductive layers, extend in perpendicular directions.

Original Abstract Submitted

A display device includes a substrate including a display area and a component area, and first and second signal lines disposed on the substrate, in which each of the display area and the component area includes a first semiconductor layer, a first gate conductive layer and a second gate conductive layer on the first semiconductor layer, a second semiconductor layer on the second gate conductive layer, a third gate conductive layer on the second semiconductor layer, an insulating layer in which openings surrounding the first semiconductor layer, the second gate conductive layer, the second semiconductor layer and the third gate conductive layer are defined, and first and second data conductive layers on the insulating layer, in which the first signal line in the first data conductive layer and the second signal line in the second data conductive layer respectively extend in perpendicular directions.