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Leilah Janah (October 9, 1982 – January 24, 2020) was an American entrepreneur and inventor, best known as the founder of Samasource, a company that harnesses the potential of digital work to improve the lives of impoverished individuals. She held several patents related to AI-driven humanitarian technology, particularly in the domain of data annotation and sourcing.


Born in Lewiston, New York, Janah grew up with a strong inclination towards technology and humanitarian causes. She combined these two passions to create Samasource in 2008. The company aimed to lift people out of poverty by providing them with digital work opportunities, mainly in the field of data sourcing and annotation.


Throughout her career, Janah focused on leveraging artificial intelligence to drive humanitarian efforts. Some of her notable patents include:

  • AI-driven data annotation tools: These tools revolutionized the way data sets are prepared for machine learning, making the process more efficient while simultaneously creating job opportunities in underserved areas.
  • Remote sourcing technology: A methodology that streamlined the acquisition and distribution of digital tasks to workers around the globe, especially in economically disadvantaged regions.


Janah's innovations not only contributed to the advancement of AI technology but also to the lives of thousands who benefitted from Samasource's mission. By integrating AI-driven tools with a social enterprise model, she exemplified how technology could be a force for good in the world.


Leilah Janah's vision continues to inspire a generation of entrepreneurs to merge technology with humanitarian goals. Her patents have laid the groundwork for numerous advancements in AI, while her social enterprise model has been emulated by startups aiming to create a meaningful social impact.

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